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Special Election  Congressional District 4

June 25th is not just any ordinary day in Colorado; it's the day that history will be made - - 

the Special Election in Congressional District 4. 


The Special Election is identical to a general election as voters will choose between a Republican, Democrat, or minor party candidates and it will appear on the same ballot as the primary election.


Greg Lopez, our candidate, isn't automatically in office just because he's a Republican. This election is competitive, with four candidates vying for your vote. It's crucial to make an informed decision and cast your ballot.


Governor Polis chose to coincide the Special Election with the primary, which has its pros and cons. While it may save costs, it has caused confusion among voters and prolonged the period without representation. The outcome will impact the balance of power in the House, making every vote count.


Don't miss this opportunity to have your say. Visit Greg Lopez's website ( to learn more about his vision for CD4.





The Colorado Federation of Republican Women Endorse Greg Lopez

for Congress in the CD4 Special Election .


Republican National Committee

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