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The Judy Hughes Membership Award

This club award shall be determined on a percentage of increase over the previous year’s membership and presented to the club showing the greatest percentage of increase within each classification. 

Only the number of memberships paid to the CFRW Treasurer by December 31 of preceding year shall be counted as total membership for each club.

Classifications are:

  • Class I – Clubs with membership of 49 or less;

  • Class II – Clubs with membership of 50 through 99;

  • Class III – Clubs with membership of 100 or more.


The Mary Lane Award

The Mary Lane Award is presented to a club for its volunteer political hours on a per capita basis for the period January 1 through December.

Political volunteer hours of work are divided into four (4) categories:

  1. Volunteer work for candidate(s)

  2. Volunteer Party work (i.e.; State, National Party);

  3. Volunteer Affiliate work (CFRW clubs, et al);

  4. Volunteer elective and/or appointive positions

An engraved silver bowl accompanies the award and remains with the winning Club for one (1) year.

Click here to download the Mary Lane Award Application Form


The Ruth Parks Trophy

The Ruth Parks Trophy shall be awarded to the club that best implements the State and National Federation Programs, January 1 through December 31, in the following ways:

  1. Club programs and activities;

  2. Volunteer hours given to community service.

Click here to download the Ruth Parks Award Application Form


The Victoria D. Buckley Award

The Victoria D. Buckley Award shall be presented to a club or district that best implements a program of assistance and mentoring to women going from welfare to work, from January 1 to the CFRW Annual Convention, with the following information required:

  1. Documented programs and activities with pictures, press coverage and written reports;

  2. The Awards Committee shall determine one winner by judging the documentation and the winner will be announced each year at the CFRW Annual Convention, with the winner receiving a traveling trophy and $100 to promote activities that benefit welfare to work participants.


The Maxine Shroyer Caring for Colorado Award

The Maxine Shroyer Award shall be awarded to the outstanding club performing volunteer work in excess to five hours a week totaling about 250 hours in a years time. This work should consist of community service such as working with children, working with the elderly, working with or in a soup kitchen, or any other non-political volunteer service.

This award is named after Maxine Shroyer, who in her life time, was concerned about the community where she lived. This award will be recognized at the State Convention, and a Certificate of Recognition will be presented. A letter of verification from the various areas to which the recipient has donated her time, will be the criteria used to grant the award.

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