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CFRW Mary Bevard Colorado Centennial First Lady Collection 


The Mary Bevard Colorado Centennial First Lady Collection shall be an ongoing project of CFRW;


CFRW shall pay a ―Patron Membership‖ of $150.00 annually to the home of our dolls, the Denver Museum of Miniature Dolls and Toys,‖ to help support the upkeep of the dolls and the museum; this membership includes ten passes for admission to the museum.


The ten passes to the Museum shall be distributed to the ten District Directors of CFRW for the use of their Clubs as may be requested by the Clubs.

Primer of Politics


The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint, in odd-numbered year, a Primer of Politics Chairman:


  1. The Chairman shall compile and have published the Primer in order that it may be distrib-uted at the Board of Directors meeting held in the first quarter of the election year;

  2. The Primer shall confirm the date of the Republican State Assembly/Convention with the Colorado Republicans;

  3. The Colorado Secretary of State shall be consulted for the final copy of the Primer prior to printing in order to insure that all information is in compliance with the Colorado State Election Laws.

Centennial Club 


The Centennial Club was formed by a former CFRW member at time when as an organiza-tion, we needed to enhance our treasury. This both helps CFRW financially and we honor your contribution with a membership pin and with reserved seating at our events.


Centennial Club dues shall be $100, membership on calendar year, running January 1 through December 31.


Dues may be paid in two installments.


Fundraising Projects


The Fundraising Chairman shall be responsible for conducting at least one fundraising event each year involving all clubs affiliated with CFRW. Determination of level of need shall be made by the Executive Committee;


The time and organization of the project shall be at the discretion of the Fundraising Commit-tee;


The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for any special fundraising projects where CFRW funds are expended on inventories against which CFRW sales are made.


Within sixty days of completion of each project, the Fundraising Committee shall deliver to the CFRW Treasurer a summary report, with supporting invoices, bank statements, and records.

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